Troia ferry

Troia is a stunning peninsula which is just across from Setúbal and overlooks the Capuchin Convent. To get here, you can make a road trip, following the highway or to cross the ferry to Troia.

The ferry to Troia

Troia ferry is a water bus that links the two banks of the river sado. To use this crossing to reach from Lisbon Troia leading the A2 and A1 until you reach Setúbal. Here you can catch one of the ferries that depart from 35 to 35 minutes in the spring / summer.

River transport between Setúbal and the peninsula of Troia is provided by Atlantic Ferries company that aims to increase the influx of the complex Troia Resort .

Pay the ferry to Troia

Aiming to improve the quality of service to its customers, the payment of the crossing can be done using the Via Verde. Thus, in a convenient way and at no additional cost, the customer can take advantage of this payment facility.